Wreck This Journey Wednesdays

Wreck This Journey Wednesday #3

I felt pretty crummy after skipping last week, so I tackled a fun page this week. I also have a few pages in the works and added to my Color This Page Red On Purpose.


First up: Collect Your Pocket Lint. This prompt was a bit of a challenge because I don’t always have pockets (women’s clothing is sad) and I don’t have much lint in the pockets I do have. I thought about it for a while and realized I could use the lint from the dryer when I did my laundry!

The lint I collected had a blue-tint, so I decided to go for an undersea sort of look. Or maybe a stormy sky? It’s up for interpretation. I kind of like the result, but it may have an upgrade with my next round of laundry.

Collect Your Pocket Lint.

Next I started working on Randomly Cut Out Some Colors From a Magazine. I got a lot of color on the page, but didn’t finish up yet. I had a little trouble finding colors that stood out to me, but I did find a hamster in a wonderfully colorful hat.

Randomly Cut Out Some Colors From A Magazine

On the plus side, going through magazines I found an add for Redd’s Apple Ale, and cut out RED to add to my Color This Page Red On Purpose. It was super fun to paint the page, but I love the idea of adding different red elements to it.

Color This Page Red On Purpose

Lastly, I pulled out the color pages at the end of the book. They are used for a few of the prompts that I’m hoping to work on soon.

Wreck This Journal: Now in Color

– Breezy Bee

Wreck This Journey Wednesdays

Wreck This Journey Wednesdays #2

This week isn’t the most exciting chapter in Wreck This Journey, but it took forever. I went through and numbered all of the pages. It led to some major hand cramping.

wreck this journey wednesdays

I did add some color to my journal though. The “materials” and “ADD YOUR OWN PAGE NUMBERS” pages got a rainbow makeover. It was super fun updating from black and white to a color explosion.


I also updated my “INSTRUCTIONS” page. I tried out a zentangle doodle I found on Pinterest and add some color to the instructions using my Kaiser Craft gel pens from Crafter’s Haven Ltd,I got them a while back, but they are still one of my faves!


Numbering all of my pages did give me a chance to check out all of the prompts in my journal. I can’t wait to get started on a few of these. I also might have found a way to get around the prompt that scares me, so keep an eye out for that.

I also went a little journal crazy when I went to Barnes & Noble with my mom. I got a bullet journal by Peter Pauper Press that matches my address book perfectly. That was all I planned to get, but I also picked up One Line A Day and One List A Day journals by Chronicle Books. They were just too fun not to get and it justifies my B&N membership!


If you want to check out see some more of my new journals check out my Instagram. You can also scope out my Pinterest boards to see what’s inspiring my upcoming posts.

–  Breezy Bee